driving feet in-store for ted baker footwear

Challenged to create a campaign that drives consumers in store and raises awareness for men's footwear, we focused on providing a solution for a perennial british problem: odd socks

Consumer research identified that there are 676m odd socks in the UK, costing the UK economy £77bn each year and even causing break-ups.  Our solution was simple: offer consumers socks in trios instead of pairs – meaning you always have a spare when one inevitably becomes lost.

Department stores across the UK offered consumers free trios of socks with every purchase of Ted Baker men’s footwear, or in exchange for odd socks handed in in an ‘odd sock amnesty’.

The odd sock amnesty and in-store pop-up was announced through front end news revealing research into the UK’s sock habits, with Ted Baker footwear providing the solution. 


News coverage in a series of national titles achieved both objectives: over 2m consumers were reached, resulting in a 228% sales uplift of men’s footwear in Dublin, and 29% uplift in Manchester.