rebuilding the mr. men archive with the 'mini museum'

In order to celebrate mr. men little miss' 45th anniversary and help rebuild their archive, we created a virtual archive and built a miniature museum designed specifically for children on london's south bank

We created a virtual archive hosted on the Mr. Men Little Miss website allowing fans to upload pictures of their own treasured Mr. Men Little Miss memorabilia, engaging the brand's audience to help rebuild their archive. 

We then brought the archive to life with a news-worthy, week-long 'Mini Museum' to help the much-loved brand reconnect with both families and millenials. The Mini Museum, a world first exhibition designed specifically for children, was made up of rare and unusual Mr. Men Little Miss memorabilia donated by fans and held at OXO Gallery on London's South Bank.

We announced the Mini Museum and anniversary to press with a bank of assets offering them a variety of angles and news stories including research, video content and even new Mr. Men Little Miss characters to help bring the activity to life.   


  • 63 pieces of coverage generated 737m opportunities to see, including 7 national features
  • Video content with national online and broadcast titles viewed over 100k times in under a week
  • 9.5m consumers reached by social media, resulting in more than 500 uploads to the new Mr. Men Little Miss virtual archive in under a week
  • 20k visitors to the Mini Museum over five days (double the gallery's usual visitor numbers)
  • Additional billboard space worth £6k+ on Waterloo Bridge secured for free
  • Event directly drove £12k worth of merchandise sales 
  • Event venue saw 50% uplift in web traffic, directly attributed to our event