Hartley's Jelly Pots: Little Ones Who Lunch

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Our Little Ones That Lunch series aimed to resonate with and emotionally engage parents with children under 9. We applied a ‘kids say the funniest things’ approach to our thinking, realising that lunchboxes are a time when parents can still feel they play a role in their child’s day even though they are not together when the children are at pre-school/school. Our engaging content made parents laugh knowingly as well as, through the use of a spokesperson, supporting them during those busy back to school days. Commercial success was the result with Hartley’s Jelly Pots seeing a 30% uplift in sales YOY thanks to our PR campaign.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Drive awareness and consideration for mums to add Hartley’s Jelly pots to their kids lunchboxes
  • Drive on-pack redemptions
  • Drive sales at key Back To School sales period


  • Worked as lead agency on the creative which was our idea from scratch, using key audience insight data (Kantar 2016) that showed:
  • Core audience of C1C2 mums are 194 times more likely to buy brands their kids prefer
  • Lunchboxes are an opportunity for mums to connect with their little ones
  • Inspired by Channel 4s ‘Secret Life of 4 year olds’, we created the ‘Little Ones Who Lunch’ series capturing on film the fun moments kids share over their lunchboxes - moments parents miss
  • We hired a video team from Nonsense to help bring our content and scripts to life, sourcing mini actors and actresses who had the lively personalities to engage with our audience and make them smile
  • We worked with Sam Wass, Child Psychologist to champion key messages through radio (91% of our audience listen to radio everyday), discussing the back to school anxieties parents have including lunchbox creations and getting it right for their kids
  • We premiered the content with press before pushing out on social platforms
  • Involved influencers to create UGC for own and brand social channels

Thanks to Aduro’s entertaining and insight-driven video content the campaign really resonated and emotionally engaged parents lifting the lid on a moment they often miss out on - school lunch - and driving commercial success (30% sales uplift YOY) at a key period
— Chris Walsh, Marketing Manager, Hartley’s Jelly Pots


  • 30% increase in sales YOY
  • An Increase of 11.7% in association of Hartley¹s Jelly Pots with the word lunchbox
  • A 8.9% increase in on-pack lid redemptions YOY
  • 657m consumers reached through media and influencer output
  • 130 coverage hits generated over 3-week 'back to school' period
  • Increased brand awareness with our mum audience by 8%