Driving sales for Hartley’s 10 Cal

We recruited eight #Team10Cal influencers to inspire and motivate dieters in January! #Team10Cal was led by celebrity ambassador Vicky Pattison who was supported with raft of real-life diet influencers to spread diet inspiration for our target audience across all her media touch points. In order to measure and exceed 2017 activity we put in place a robust framework to establish success and beat 2017 results.

Vicky Pattison re-creates the iconic We Can Do It image for #Team10Cal.jpeg


  • Photoshoot – re-created iconic ‘We Can Do It’ image to inspire our target audience to stay on their diet plan and not wobble this January. Included in this was a shoot with the eight core influencer who shared their diet inspiration.

  • Video shoot – we captured the ‘behind the scenes’ footage at the photo shoot with Vicky and the core influencers on set

  • Influencer Ambassadors – we worked with real life slimmer's to show their success stories. They took part in the photo shoot, gave our target audience advice on how to stay on track and talked about 10 Cal on Instagram

  • Interviews with Vicky Pattinson– we secured had interview time with Vicky to champion the brand in key media titles that resonate with our target audience

  • Wider Influencer outreach – we worked with over 100 influencer and gifted them product, encouraging them to post on Instagram and be part of #Team10Cal


“I have rarely seen such clean evidence of a media campaign affecting sales”David Atkinson, Hain Daniels Managing Director, Grocery

  • Hartley’s 10 Cal January SALES INCREASED by 25% YOY

  • Prompted brand awareness increased by 1.29% post campaign.

  • 27 editorial features during the ‘big bang’ period in first two weeks of January, against a KPI of 18.

  • We made Hartley’s synonymous with dieting by featuring interviews with Vicky that appeared in six key media titles during the first two weeks in January – a key dieting time

  • All coverage included 3 key messages or more, this included brand name, image, video, product information and campaign hashtag

  • 151 influencer posts on Instagram all focused on the product in relation to dieting, in early January – against a KPI of 86

  • #Team10Cal campaign hashtag used organically over 800 times on Instagram in the first two weeks of January as engaged, dieting consumers followed suit and shared their own #Team10Cal moment

  • Over 40m reach from influencer posts in total, against a target of 26.2m reach, all focused on the product in relation to dieting, in early January